The children's learn how to deal with the fire 🔥 accedant and other accedants
Watan Center distributed breakfast meals to poor families in marginalized areas that are registered with us in the database. Where breakfast meals were distributed in the Nahr al-Bared area in Khan Younis and the central area in the Gaza Strip.
The camp received a delegation from the Ministry of Culture headed by the Undersecretary miss Amera Haroon. Many recreational activities and a first aid training meeting were carried out. The camp is implemented in partnership between the Ministry of Culture, the Gaza Municipality, and Watan Center for Culture and Arts.
The most beautiful works in the holy month of Ramadan.🧕🧕 Group breakfast for children memorizers of the qoran👑
An educational day with traffic police to protect them from road accidents ما
We provided a fasting Iftar for some days in one of the marginalized areas on the Gaza Strip border to the needy and poor people there.
A training course was conducted for women in the field of cheese making in all its forms and different foods, as well as the manufacture of milk and labneh for 10 women  

El hakwati

We implemented a series of entertainment shows mixing the Palestinian heritage and stories about Palestine history in a humorous way We targeted the children from various schools in the Gaza Strip We concluded shows by presenting school materials to the children
Watan Center for Culture and Arts distributed jackets for orphans and poor children in Gaza

first aid to students

We implemented a first aid free course to students from various universities in Gaza to make them able to save themselves in the emergency cases that may happen due to the bad situation which happens daily in the Gaza strip. We provided a medical bag to every student.