Watan center for culture and arts is A charity center for raising cultural awareness for the people of the Gaza Strip especially children and women

Especially that the Gaza Strip is going through continuous wars affected the psyche of Palestinian families and affected all aspects of life.


  1. Upgrading the scientific and cultural level of individuals in the Palestinian society and preserving the Palestinian identity.

  2. Publishing cultural research and studies in various fields and sciences.

  3. Discovering and developing talented and skillful individuals, building their capacity, and emphasizing performing arts.

  4. Training university students, graduates, and employees to prepare them for the labor market, and to enable them to work on conceptions of a better society.

  5. Organizing exhibitions, training workshops, festivals, scientific and cultural seminars, and entertainment programs.

  6. Expanding the scientific and cultural understanding of women, providing them with appropriate training and social and moral support, and confronting violence against women.

  7. Taking care of children culturally, scientifically, and in all other fields, providing them with psychological support, and organizing summer camps.